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Wireless Charging Work lights: Benefits and Use


Wireless Charging Work lights: Benefits and Use

When you are busy throughout the day, you need to be able to operate effectively without any delays. An automotive technician needs to be ready to attend to individuals who might need urgent help, are stranded in a location with limited accessibility or require assistance from a specialist who is familiar with the make and model of the vehicle. Whatever the reason might be, an automotive vehicle mechanic or technician needs to have the right tools, complete stock of parts and helpful gadgets and devices that can make their job easy.

At Norva Tools, we stock the latest technological devices that help automotive technicians do their job better. We understand the work required in the automotive industry and hand pick useful devices and gadgets that we believe make a difference. While some tools and equipment have been around for a long time and have recently been redesigned with new or updated features, there are other tools that are new to market and offer many benefits. These devices help automotive specialists operate effectively, attend to more jobs and minimise errors.

One such device is the SMD Wireless Light Max Twin Pack IP65. Not only does it serve as a worklight when work needs to be complete in dark conditions, it also charges your mobile phone too. This handy device can charge up to two phones simultaneously so that you will never run out of battery power when you are on the go. This helps you to never miss a booking, be able to move from one job to another without delay and make necessary calls while you are moving about and working. This new compact device has many positive features that helps make life simple.

Wireless Charging Work lights

Here is a summary of the benefits and use of the SMD Wireless Light Max Twin Pack IP65 that we stock at Norva Tools. To purchase this item, visit our online store today. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a friendly team member.

Powerful light

The device has a powerful and dimmable LED (up to 500 lumens) light that will shine brightly even in the darkest conditions. Whether you are operating in a secluded area with no street lighting, in the dark due to an emergency power outage, underneath the vehicle that has been propped up on the side of the road or in any other set of circumstances that requires lighting, this device will brighten up the area so that you can operate effectively without causing errors. Since it is not safe to work with limited visibility, invest in a device that will make your job simple. Avoid worrying about damaging the vehicle, making an error of judgement or applying the wrong tool or part due to poor lighting.


A versatile lighting device helps during dark conditions. The light console has a magnetic base and a 360-degree foldable hook so that you can position the light in any direction that you want. Whether you need to clip the light to the bonnet of the vehicle, stick it on a nearby metal post or position it on the ground so that you can fix something underneath the car, the light (which also functions as a torch) is versatile and equipped to assist in all circumstances. 

Easy to operate

The light is easy to operate and features wireless charge pads for mobile phones. The device itself charges using a micro-USB charging cable, so it is effectively a plug and play gadget with little preparation required. The device is ready for immediate use and does not require any software or hardware upgrade or maintenance. With a long-lasting LED lighting system, the device itself will last a very long time until it is time to replace due to use and age.

Wireless phone charging

The beauty about this device is that it serves two purposes. With two wireless phone charging pads, this device helps you to charge two phones simultaneously when you are working. Without the need for the phone charging cables, you can charge both compatible phones to 100% on a single charge of the device provided the lighting feature is also not in use. This can help you in times when you don’t have your phone charging cable or are running low on battery between jobs.

IP65 rating

The IP65 rating means that it is water and dust proof. This device can be used in the rain, during humid conditions and where there is dirt and dust about in the environment. This device is splash resistant, impact resistant and comes with a battery level and charge indicator so that you are always in control of when to charge it. This tool is meant to be used on the go and in rough circumstances so that you can focus all your attention on your work.

Fast charging

The device charges quickly with 0% to 100% charge in approximately 4.5 hours. On the brightest light setting, the device will provide 3 to 3.5 hours of lighting which is exceptional for a compact device. On dimmer light settings, you can achieve up to 12 to 15 hours of lighting. This helps when you are busy working and need to rely on the device every day. Charging the device before work will mean that you will have a full day’s use.


The device is compact and lightweight which means that it can fit into any toolbox or bag and is ready for use with the flick of a switch. With a charging cord and power plug, the device has very few parts to operate. This is ideal for automotive technicians and mechanics who require essential tools that are easy to use and do not take up too much space.


A durable, well-constructed and reliable tool is essential. Otherwise, the device will not last long due to constant use. The SMD Wireless Light Max Twin Pack IP65 is made of heavy-duty materials that will survive nasty accidental impacts. This is important for busy mechanics who need to compromise on taking care of their tools when they are working outside or in difficult conditions.

Easy to handle

The tool is easy to handle, and it is not bulky. With a very simple operation, there isn’t much to read in the operator’s manual. This device is ready to use and does not require any specialised knowledge or experience. The large charging pads are ideal so that the phone does not slide off during charging.


The device has a modern look and design. Featuring the latest electrical components such as the wireless charging pads and LED lighting, this gadget is the must-have item for the automotive technician’s toolbox in 2020.

For premium automotive tools, visit Norva Tools. We stock a wide range of hand tools and power tools that have been sourced from quality manufacturers. In addition, we also handpick useful gadgets and devices that help to make an automotive mechanic’s job easy. Take comfort with well-made, durable and effective tools from Norva Tools. For further information, visit our website, call us on 03 97933558 or email us at