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Automotive Tool List: 9 Essential Automotive Tools


Automotive Tool List: 9 Essential Automotive Tools

Automotive tools are essential for use when working on vehicles. Without the rights tools at hand, you will not be able to complete the tasks you need to perform without errors or delays. Automotive tools have been designed to make automotive repairs, modifications and servicing easy. Coupled with the right equipment and skills, automotive tools can help you solve almost every issue that a vehicle might experience. Every automotive mechanic or technician should have a decent and reliable set of essential tools so that they can service their cars or serve their customers. 

It is our mission to stock a wide range of automotive tools so that you can visit our store in person or online and find all the tools that you need in one location. We source our tools from premium manufacturers who understand the automotive industry and know what makes a great set of tools for automotive technicians and mechanics. All of our tools are handpicked by our team who listen to customer feedback, consider trends in the industry and aspire to make it easy for the community to purchase the tools that they need at affordable prices.

At Norva Tools, we stock wrenches and spanner sets, ratchets and sockets, screwdriver sets, pliers, trolley jacks, multimeters, jumper leads, torches and worklights, hammers and much more. Whether you are equipping your toolbox for the first time or need to replace tools that are at the end of their life, you can rely on us to supply you with new tools. If you cannot find the tool that you need, contact us so that we can try and locate it for you. We also operate a mobile van service so that we can come to you with our shop on wheels to avoid you wasting time away from your work or business.

In this blog, we discuss the top 9 essential automotive tools that you should have in your toolbox. Without these tools you will not be able to complete common and basic tasks in your workshop in relation to automotive vehicles.

Wrench / spanner sets

The wrench or spanner is an important automotive tool. Whether you need imperial or metric spanners, or prefer the variability of adjustable shifters, it is wise to stock every type of spanner in your tool kit. Having both a small and large set of wrenches will come in handy to remove bolts or nuts with ease. Small and long handle spanners provide flexibility when you need to operate in tight or narrow spaces. Cars have bolts in almost every place including the engine, doors and interior of the vehicle, so it is essential to have a reliable set of wrenches handy when operating on vehicles.

Ratchet and socket set

A ratchet and socket set are useful tools when you need to remove lug nuts, bolts and the like. Whether you need to remove a wheel and replace a flat tyre or dislodge the car’s oil pan to change the oil in the engine, an adjustable ratchet with imperial and metric sockets will help you operate on almost every vehicle. Make sure you have various types of ratchet handles so that you can operate in different environments. Whether you require reversible, self-locking or quick release ratchets, we stock a wide range for your consideration.

Screwdriver set

A screwdriver set is useful because screws are another common fastening device used in vehicles. A fully stocked set with all types of screwdrivers and bits will help you service many types of vehicles. You should also consider owning long handle, short handle, stubby and thin form screwdrivers to provide you with many options when servicing a car. It is essential that you use the right type of screwdriver bit to avoid damaging the head of the screw or shearing the thread when fastening.


Without pliers, you would not be able to remove materials effectively. Pliers help to remove materials without cutting through the material. Pliers are not cutters or nippers. Pliers are available in various formations to assist with removing materials in different circumstances. You can purchase standard pliers, needle nose pliers, pump pliers, hook nose pliers, insulated pliers and more. Depending on your application, there will be a set of pliers available for the job.

Trolley jack

A trolley jack helps to raise vehicles off the ground so that you can operate underneath with sufficient space. Trolley jacks are common automotive tools when you need to service a vehicle at a site that does not have a vehicle hoist. Trolley jacks work on hydraulics to raise the car securely and then lower it carefully to avoid damaging it. Trolley jacks are available in various sizes and capacities, so it is crucial that you check the load rating to avoid damaging the jack during operation.

Hook and pick set

A hook and pick set contain handy tools when working on automotive vehicles. They can be used to retrieve wires, provide access around hoses and pipes, safely isolate important components and help the technician during other delicate operations. These tools are versatile and can also be used to carefully remove materials that have been fastened together without causing damage to the surrounding environment.

Battery analyser

To provide important technical information about the vehicle’s battery, a 12 volt battery analyser device is a handy tool. The handheld machine can provide information about the battery’s voltage and other important analytics including the charge, rating and more. With an inbuilt printer using thermal technology, you can save and print the data for record keeping. It also has a memory function so that you can recall prior readings.

Torch or worklight

A torch or worklight is another staple item in every automotive technician’s tool box. Torches provide a source of light when you need to operate in dark conditions, or areas of the vehicle where more light is needed. A torch helps to avoid damaging your vehicle because you have made an error in judgement when using tools on your vehicle. Automotive parts can be costly given most are specialised and proprietary to the vehicle’s manufacturer, so make sure you take extreme care when operating on the vehicle.


A hammer is a tool with many applications. Without a hammer, you will face difficulty performing common tasks on your vehicle. Whether you need to push something into alignment or need extra force to remove something, a hammer can provide the precise application of force that you can control. Hammers are vital pieces of equipment that are available in different sizes depending on the intended application.

At Norva Tools, we specialise in distributing premium tools to Australia’s automotive industry. We stock a wide range of essential and special tools so that you can complete any job on a vehicle. Whether you are servicing your own car or operate a business to serve others, our leading automotive tool catalogue will keep you covered everyday. Take comfort with well-made, durable and effective tools from Norva Tools. For further information, visit our website, call us on 03 97933558 or email us at