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Hand Tools
Hand Tools

Quality Hand Tools

From Axes to Wrenches – we have it ALL here at Norva Tools. Whichever task you are doing quality hand tools are essential. We provide wide range. It’s probably best just to look for yourself and quickly find what you need!

What Are Hand Tools?

Hand tools are equipment for trade professionals. Hand tools include tools such as screwdrivers, ratchets, wrenches, hammers, pallets, pliers, spanners, wire cutters, flash lights, measuring tools and more. At Norva Tools we stock the complete range of hand tools that can be operated mechanically by hand. Our catalogue of hand tools includes all types and sizes so that you can purchase the right tool for your activity.

It is important to use hand tools correctly. Incorrect use can damage the tool, damage the materials you are working with or cause injury to yourself. You can also cause unnecessary delays and complete a service which may not be to the standard required. If you are conducting a licenced trade or specialised trade, it is important to have access to the right hand tools so that your activity can be completed to the required standard in accordance with the applicable specifications.

Where To Buy Hand Tools in Australia?

You can purchase premium quality hand tools from Norva Tools. Whether you are looking to upgrade the tools in your tool box or invest in your first set of premium quality tools, our online shop has a wide range of well-made hand tools that can be used to install, service, repair or modify materials. We source our tools from reliable manufacturers who take pride in crafting tools that help technicians and mechanics perform their tasks with precision and control.

Some of the advantages of hand tools include:

  • You can control the use of a hand tool and take care during operation;
  • Hand tools provide greater accuracy;
  • Hand tools do not require electric power to operate;
  • Hand tools are lightweight; and
  • Hand tools are versatile to cover many operations.

Buy Quality Hand Tool Kits Online

At Norva Tools, we enable you to purchase trade quality hands tools online 24/7. Our online store features all hand tool products and you can view colour photos and complete descriptions of the product before you make your purchase. If you need further assistance before you settle for a hand tool, you are welcome to speak to our friendly staff who can help guide you in the right direction. Although we cannot provide specialist advice, you can rely on us for general information!

Once you have selected the hand tools you need, your payment will be securely processed. The order will be dispatched as soon as possible and then delivered to your address using fast and reliable postal service providers. Once you receive your new hand tool, please check to make sure it is the right one and that there is no damage. If there are any issues, please contact us immediately so that our team can investigate the issue and provide a resolution.

What Are The Different Hand Tools And Their Uses?

There are many different types of hand tools that can be used for a diverse range of uses. Here is a list of common hand tools and their uses:

  • A screwdriver set is useful because screws are a common fastening device. A fully stocked set with all types of screwdrivers and bits will help you release and fasten materials.
  • Pliers help to pull or grab materials without cutting through the material. Pliers are not cutters or nippers.
  • A wrench or spanner is an important tool to tighten or release nuts and bolts. Whether you need imperial or metric spanners, or prefer the variability of adjustable shifters, it is wise to stock every type of spanner in your tool kit.
  • A flash light is critical when you are working in dark locations or in spaces where there is no lighting. Perform your activities correctly without causing damage or injury with a functioning and mobile flash light.

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What are general hand tools?keyboard_arrow_down

General hand tools are essential pieces of equipment that everyone should have. You can avoid hours of frustration by having the right tools in your tool kit. Whether you need to fix a flat tyre on the side of the road, or hang some tools up in your workshop, a socket set, hammer, and screw driver are a few examples of general hand tools that you should own.

What is the proper use of hand tools?keyboard_arrow_down

Hand tools must be used in accordance with their ordinary purpose and any manufacturer instructions. Any tool is dangerous if it is misused or mishandled. If you are unsure about how to use the tool, contact Norva Tools, speak to a family member or friend, or browse the internet.

What is the importance of hand tools?keyboard_arrow_down

Hand tools are important because they enable you to do tasks that are not possible with using only your hands or DIY materials. Whether you need to remove a wheel nut, secure a hose in place or remove a worn flange, hand tools enable you to complete tasks without damaging the parts, injuring yourself or experiencing unnecessary costs or delays.

How do you keep hand tools in good condition?keyboard_arrow_down

Hand tools must be regularly maintained. If any liquid or foreign matter comes into contact with the hand tool, immediately clean it using an appropriate cleaning agent or water. Keep hand tools stored when not in use, especially in any protective casing. Avoid using hand tools for uncommon purposes.

What are the basic safety guidelines for using hand tools?keyboard_arrow_down

Hand tools must be used safely and in accordance with any manufacturer guidelines. If you use your tools for trade, make sure that your workers understand the Standard Operating Procedure for each hand tool. While they might look easy to operate, the misuse of a hand tool can cause injury, damage to parts or damage to other property. Remember to take care, never rush and concentrate when using hand tools.