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Being one of the top professional tool retailer in Australia. wouldn't mean much if we didn't stock the very best brands from around the world. At Norva Tools, we stock leading professional tool brands that include Gearwrench, SP Tools, TENG Tools and more.

What are automotive tools?keyboard_arrow_down

Automotive tools are used in relation to vehicles. Whether you own a car, motorbike, caravan, truck or other automotive vehicle, or operate on them for your business, you can service any vehicle with the right automotive tools. We are a one-stop-shop for all your automotive tool needs and requirements.

What are the basic tools in automotive?keyboard_arrow_down

The basic tools include wrenches, sockets, spanners, screw drivers and rachets. We also stock a wide range of other automotive tools including work lights, sets, torque wrenches and accessories. For our full range, browse our online store or contact us to learn more.

How do I make payment?keyboard_arrow_down

Payment for your order can be made in-store or online. We accept MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and AMEX. Payments can also be made via bank transfer (details included in an invoice).

Can I pick up my order?keyboard_arrow_down

Yes. You can visit us in-store in Dandenong or order online and have your order delivered to you. We use reliable couriers. If your item is damaged in transit or is not working, you must contact us within 5 working days so we can immediately replace your item.

Am I able to return a product?keyboard_arrow_down

Yes. You are able to return a product provided you send the product back to us within 14 days of purchase, the product has not been used, there is a valid reason for the return of the product under Australian Consumer Law and you comply with the rules and follow the process described in our Returns Policy.

What are general hand tools?keyboard_arrow_down

General hand tools are essential pieces of equipment that everyone should have. You can avoid hours of frustration by having the right tools in your tool kit. Whether you need to fix a flat tyre on the side of the road, or hang some tools up in your workshop, a socket set, hammer, and screw driver are a few examples of general hand tools that you should own.

What is the proper use of hand tools?keyboard_arrow_down

Hand tools must be used in accordance with their ordinary purpose and any manufacturer instructions. Any tool is dangerous if it is misused or mishandled. If you are unsure about how to use the tool, contact Norva Tools, speak to a family member or friend, or browse the internet.

How do you keep hand tools in good condition?keyboard_arrow_down

Hand tools must be regularly maintained. If any liquid or foreign matter comes into contact with the hand tool, immediately clean it using an appropriate cleaning agent or water. Keep hand tools stored when not in use, especially in any protective casing. Avoid using hand tools for uncommon purposes.

What are the basic safety guidelines for using hand tools?keyboard_arrow_down

Hand tools must be used safely and in accordance with any manufacturer guidelines. If you use your tools for trade, make sure that your workers understand the Standard Operating Procedure for each hand tool. While they might look easy to operate, the misuse of a hand tool can cause injury, damage to parts or damage to other property. Remember to take care, never rush and concentrate when using hand tools.

What is the importance of hand tools?keyboard_arrow_down

Hand tools are important because they enable you to do tasks that are not possible with using only your hands or DIY materials. Whether you need to remove a wheel nut, secure a hose in place or remove a worn flange, hand tools enable you to complete tasks without damaging the parts, injuring yourself or experiencing unnecessary costs or delays.

What are cordless tool?keyboard_arrow_down

Cordless tools are battery operated tools that do not require power from a power point. This type of tool provides mobile flexibility to complete a task anywhere without having to source a power point. Complete your tasks without delay and from any location with cordless tools.

What voltage is best for cordless tools?keyboard_arrow_down

The best voltage for cordless tools depends on your application. For home use, a lower voltage may be suitable. For trade purposes, you may need to invest in a range of cordless tools with varying voltages. A well-stock tool kit should have the complete range so that you can complete all tasks required.

How do I choose cordless tools?keyboard_arrow_down

There are many cordless tools to choose from. Depending on the purpose for needing the tool, make sure you acquire the right tool with the most appropriate features. If you need help sourcing a cordless tool for your needs and requirements, speak to the specialists at Norva Tools.

What are diagnostic tools?keyboard_arrow_down

Diagnostic tools help you diagnose problems. For example, you might need to test the voltage of a battery, inspect a tight space using a worm camera or measure the pressure in a pipe. These tools help you to accurately make an assessment to help inform your next steps.

What are diagnostic tools used for?keyboard_arrow_down

Diagnostic tools are used to provide you with important information so that you can make an informed decision. You might be considering replacing a battery, fixing a leaking pipe or mending the compressor in your vehicle. Whatever the issue, specialist diagnostic tools can you help you make an assessment in a reliable manner.

What are tool kits?keyboard_arrow_down

Tool kits are mobile storage units to store and house your tools. With various types, configurations, sizes and styles available you will be spoiled for choice. We stock tool kit chests, cabinets, and much more.

What are tool kits used for?keyboard_arrow_down

Tool kits are used to store your tools in a simple and logical manner. Whether you are after a small chest or a large mobile cabinet, there are plenty of internal storage compartments so that you can always find the right tool when you need it.

When can I expect the special order items to be delivered?keyboard_arrow_down
Each Special Order product page shows the expected ETA of the item ordered. Special Order items usually takes 5 to 14 days business days before it can be dispatched. This is because the store needs to order and receive it from the supplier. During Covid-19 the time-frames were extended by several business days (e.g. delays at supplier and couriers). Some of the supply issues are still present.