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Top 10 Best Hand Tools 2021 for Every worker Must Have

Hand Tools

Top 10 Best Hand Tools 2021 for Every worker Must Have

When you have the best hand tools available to perform your trade, you know that you can complete the task to the highest standard. While you might be experienced and licenced, it is also important that you have access to the right tools at the right time. We stock a wide range of hand tools so that you will be spoiled for choice and will not have to compromise on the tools that you need to complete your activities. We believe that every worker engaging in a trade should have the best hand tools available so that they can complete their task effectively with precision.

Our tools have been sourced from leading and reliable manufacturers who understand the importance of trade tools. The tools have been carefully designed to operate effectively during operation and they also take into consideration ergonomic requirements. Our trade tools are hand picked by us to help give you comfort that your investment in quality hand tools will support your trade for a lifetime. With over 4000 tools in our range, and a wide selection of hand tools, you will be able to find the right hand tool you need for the job.

Here is a list of the top 10 best hand tools in 2021 that every worker should have on hand in their tool kit.


Having access to a reliable set of screwdrivers is important. Screwdrivers help you to release and fasten screws from objects so that you can either detach or fix parts together. Screwdrivers are available in a range of sizes and types to suit your exact requirements. We stock screwdrivers of all types including flat blade, phillips, star, hex, pozidriv, robertson square, and tri wing. The size of the end bit does vary depending on your exact needs and the handle, stem and end bit are available in many options so that your requirements are satisfied. For example, we sell long handle or stubby screwdrivers and the end bits are either magnetised and/or hardened.

Pliers and wire cutters

A reliable set of pliers and wire cutters will help you complete many tasks. Pliers help you pull or grab things, whereas wire cutters can help cut fine pieces of metal. Whether you need to hold something in place, trim something to the right size, or pull something out of a narrow space, pliers and wire cutters can help you complete these tasks. Pliers and wire cutters are available in a range of sizes so it is important to have a diverse set so that no task remains incomplete.

Ratchets and wrenches

When you need to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts, it is important to have a reliable set of ratchets and wrenches. To perform common mechanical tasks, ensure that you have a ratchet or wrench. We stock ratchets and wrenches to accommodate both imperial and metric nut and bolt sizes. We sell complete kits of ratchets and wrenches including fixed and adjustable spanners. These tools are essential in many trades and can help you complete many tasks effectively without delays or damaging the parts. When using a ratchet or wrench it is important to apply the correct amount of torque to avoid over tightening.

Hammers and mallets

A common staple tool in every trade person’s toolkit, a hammer or mallet helps to strike things into place. A hammer will drive nails into walls, or reposition parts into place. A mallet achieves the same goal but helps to soften the blow and not damage the part. Having both tools in your tool kit is essential to perform everyday trade activities.

hand toolsChisels

Chisels are hand tools with a flat end bit that is very sharp. Together with a hammer or mallet, a chisel can help to carve wood, stones or bricks into the desired shape. It is important to use the right mallet for the activity to avoid damaging the end bit. For example, using a chisel during an application where a hardened end bit is required will make the end bit blunt if used incorrectly. We stock chisels in various sizes so it is best to have a complete set so that you can complete all tasks.


To cut wood, metal or plastic, it is best to have a diverse set of saws. It is important to remember that the right saw blade needs to be used for the application. Otherwise, you will damage the blade or the material that you are cutting. Some saw blade handles enable the saw blade to be removed and replaced from the hand tool apparatus when required. It is common for trades people to have a complete set of saws so that all materials can be cut or modified to size when required.


A file is a great tool when you need to remove rough edges or make minor adjustments to materials so that the parts fit together perfectly. Depending on the type of file that you have, you can use them on materials including wood, metal, plastic and other common construction and automotive materials. When using a file, it is important to use the correct stroke technique to avoid damaging the material that you are filing.

Vises and clamps

At the workshop, you will need a reliable set of vises and clamps. A vise or clamp features movable jaws that can be mechanically adjusted to grasp a material that you need to work on. This is important so that the material does not vibrate or move when you are cutting, sanding, drilling holes or completing another common activity. You can also use clamps to fix two pieces together because they come in various sizes and clamp pressure options.

Flash light

A flash light is required to ensure that you can complete tasks in dark places. Whether you need to operate at night with no available light source, or you are operating in a dark space, having a flash light on hand can help you to perform the repairs, installation or maintenance without fuss. Flash lights are available in various sizes and designs, including battery power and corded power. Some can be hung or placed against metallic objects.

Measuring tools

Using measuring tools is important to complete tasks accurately with precision. Rulers, set squares, measuring taps, spirit levellers, and more are all essential hand tools. Whether you need to measure the size of a part, trim a part to shape, make a cut into a material or perform any other common task, it is important to have a reliable set of measuring tools that are resilient to constant use and will provide an accurate reading every day.

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